the longer i live the more i learn that nothing lasts forever. it is a lesson that for some reason or another, i have to learn over and over again but learn it i do nonetheless. bass lake is gone. this week, today, tomorrow. i don’t know exactly when the door will be shut for the last time by my family but it will be this week and then it will just be a place that holds my memories. an important job of course, but one i would rather not it have. one of my suitemates is moving out. just when i let myself believe that everything was perfect–that i finally had what i longed for so hard last year, out of nowhere she came and told me she was leaving. it dropped into my stomach and i couldn’t breathe. so i called for the warm words of my friends.

the night sky and the cold and the laughter of a true friend do much to lift your spirits. no matter what goes wrong, i am blessed. letting go of forever is manageable when i have so much more.


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