busy hands

ah, this weekend. it was a crazy, busy weekend but nothing at all compared to the two weekend of the past. on friday, i raced over to get my allergy shot, raced back to watch beka’s last volleyball game of the season, and then we threw a surprise party for jeanette. afterwards, amanda, katie, beka, ginger and i ended up watching friends and talking until 2 in the morning. it’s funny how much talking can make you feel better about so many things even when what you’re discussing isn’t the most pleasant of topics. saturday, i got up late and spend the next few hours cleaning up the suite and our room. i put black paper over the window above our door in an effort to keep the lights in the suite from shining in my face at night. i watched gilmore girls, read and cut out flamingos for our PTK fundraiser–flamingos wars (the professors basically pay to send the flamingos back and forth on each other’s doors). then katie and i went to a quick dinner before we joined candice and lizzie to go and volunteer at 3M. long story short, last week candice found out that someone had been draining all of the money out of our FMF card with an unauthorized copy card and so we were -8 dollars. it turns out they switch the card’s owner without switching the bank account it was attached too so they’re giving us back all of the money we lost this year (but none that we lost last year) but i had been talking to Denise, who works with LEO, and told her about it so she offered us this job, after the normal volunteers fell through, to clean the kitchen at 3M’s chilli bingo night. so we went and it was actually a ton of fun. lots of bonding and it reminded me how good it feels to do real work. we got paid $150, all going straight into FMF’s account which is donated to Moss House, the local battered woman’s shelter there in town, at the end of the year, plus they gave us all of their leftovers=SO. MUCH. FOOD. the rest of the night was gilmore girls watching and reading.

today, i went to work, then brunch, then read, then at 3 went to go volunteer at the MultiCultural Festival. We priced the donations and the things that had been brought back from Guatemala and did other set up. It was really fun, which may seem strange, but it again reminded me how good it feels for my hands to be incredibly busy and to be doing something that doesn’t just benefit myself. Now, homework and since I don’t have a lot: more reading and relaxing.

I am excited. I am excited for Guatemala. I am excited for fcc days. For Thanksgiving. For so many things. I feel calm.


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