have a nice life

we were walking out of 3M on Saturday night and the man who we had volunteered for called after us, “Have a nice night!” “you too!” the four of us responded. what candice said next, it has stuck with me.

“when i leave people that i know i’m never going to see again i really just want to say ‘have a nice life!'”

that truth behind that statement, it shocks me. i have felt that feeling so many times before. how you want to say “thank you so much for the moments you have spent in my life. i appreciate you and the times we have shared. even in this short moments, you taught me something. you are a beautiful person. have a nice life. you deserve it” to the strangers that either gave you their spot in line or the fellow backpackers you spent 2 nights with in Ireland.

who decided speaking truthfully was socially unacceptable? because that’s all that is–the truth.


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