turns of the tube station

i want to take just a moment to say something. close your eyes. picture a crowded subway station–King’s Cross in London, if that does you any good. picture it during rush hour, at 8am in the morning when everyone who is anyone is going somewhere, anywhere. pictures all the people, shoving, hitting, elbowing, running. their lives are the most important thing to them right now. picture yourself getting onto the tube, the tube that is so crowded you can’t even move, the tube that is so crowded you just barely miss getting your coat slammed between the doors. you get off at another station, which looks different from King’s Cross but is just as crowded, just as busy, just as rushed, just as full of people. you wander those tunnels, struggling to find the exit. it isn’t anywhere nearby. you walk by hundreds of more people. you will never see them again, you know. you break the air, you breathe it in. you’re almost to your destination and as you continue on your way, you pass hundreds of people, again and again and again. you passed upwards of 400 people just getting to work.

now picture that same scene replicated and repeated all over London and then in all of the other major cities all over the world. New York, L.A, Berlin, Paris–so many places I have yet even to walk down the streets of. Do you know how many people there are in this world? I always say if you forget, you should go into a subway station. sit there for just 10 minutes. You’ll remember.

It’s why I don’t believe that there is one person in this world for me–because believing that would set me on an impossible journey to find that person. but think about it and then think about all of the people who you have met. people who you maybe don’t love in a romantic sense, but you love nonetheless.

now picture the crowded, sweaty, loud tube station that is King’s Cross and realize how incredibly grateful I am that I have met you–yes, you. whoever you are. reading this.

“through these centuries, against the impossibility that we’d find each other, we did. And I am most grateful for it.” 

we found each other for a reason, against all odds, against all the other people in the tube station on a Monday morning. don’t forget that.


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