some things never fail to make me happy and how fitting that one of them should be you

this weekend has been good, full of smiles and laughs. on friday, i went to pick up my prospective student with Amanda, who was also hosting someone this weekend. we went to dinner with their families and then after I went to a Reeves hall exec meeting, we all headed upstairs to change for the event Cottey was holding to celebrate the end of Linda Ganstrom the artist in residence (look her up! she amazing)’s week here on campus. we got dressed up all fancy and then attended Wonder… which was a choir concert and dance show based off Alice in Wonderland. A movie came next and Saturday was full of the basketball game and hanging out and doing some homework and dinner and another movie and Happy Endings. Today was work, brunch, talking with Iida, Gilmore Girls, talking with Rachael and then hanging out in the suite.

Although I didn’t get to sleep as much I would have liked this weekend, it was weekend well spent. I love spending time with prospective students, I love showing people this amazing place and sharing with them all that it has done for me. I love making people feel welcomed, changing their lives because even if they don’t decide to come here, the moments we spent together has to mean something, has to have changed them in some way. I love catching up with Rachael. Her ability to speak so openly about what she feels makes me want to do the same. Hearing her voice reminded me of all that she taught me, of all of the parts of this world and my heart we saw together. And Iida…there are no words for Iida, just as there are hardly any words for my sisters that surround me here. I spoke to Iida’s mom for a bit when we were on Skype and it reminded me again how incredibly blessed I am. How much support I have gained through the families of my friends. All of the world, I am loved. How could anything hold me back?


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