i feel i write quite often here what i am thankful for–in fact i feel that 1/2 of this blog is complaining, venting, letting things out and letting them go, but the other half is giving thanks. and it should only be this way because i have so much to be thankful for. i have written many lists, on many forms of social media and yet, i feel i should write another, and so here i am.

today i missed my family. my sister. my brother. my mom. my dad. my grandma. my grandpa. my auntie rue. my nana. my papa. my cousins. my aunts. my uncles. we are not the same people, we are cut from 1/2 of the same cloth and yet, our blood is the same and that has caused us to become intertwined in so many ways, in ways that caused them to shape me, to help form who and where i stand today. and for that, i missed them–today and everyday. i missed their smiles. their open arms. the fact that they understand because they have been there since the beginning, in some way or another. so i am thankful, very thankful for them, and all that they have taught me.

i am thankful for this air, the air that i am pulling deep inside my lungs. for my education–all of it. for my ability to read and write because the words save me more than i breathe. i am thankful for food, for the beautiful fall sun. for nature, for this feeling, these feelings.

i am thankful for the people who have entered my life and left it already.

i am thankful for my Cottey family and my Kneesters and for my church family.

My fingers hurt, you know, because I could type forever and not write down everything I am thankful for. Who do I owe this all to? Who has carved this piece of life out for me? I am not sure but I am thankful to them–and to you all.


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