maybe one day

there are only 17 days until i am home but so much stands between me and that flight. i am beyond stressed out and i have so little motivation. all i can think about is how things could be so much easier, how they should be so much easier but yet, society had trapped us into some kind of race that we have to run even if we can’t run, even if we don’t want to run, even if running is the last thing on our minds. the other thing i can’t stop thinking about is how i worried for so long about all of this and yet the one thing i never even thought to worry about is the thing that has defined so much of this semester. funny isn’t that? how things never turn out like you thought they would. for me at least, they don’t. i miss my family. i miss people who are less than 5 feet away from me but yet the wall and the closed door between the two of us represents more than i even thought it would. i am tired. i do not know what to do right now except to loose myself in the words of someone else’s story.


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