ah, christmas

this weekend has been all about the wonderfulness that is my friends and Christmas. let me back up. so thursday was the worst day i have had in a while. i won’t go into the details but a lot of things were going wrong and people were just bothering me in general. thankfully i have the lovely emmaray and emily to G+ with me when I need to vent the most. Ironically, Friday Mary Kate needed to vent about a very similar topic so I had two Kneester chats in two days but more on that later. Friday started out alright, with me barely pulling myself out of bed and running in Katie in the suite who had gone through the same hatred of her alarm as I had that morning. We walked through the “snow” (it was a very light dusting) together to Bio, where I suffered for the next 50 minutes. Then work and then PTK and then since SPanish was canceled I got to go and get my Spanish essay corrected and then read my ethnography for Anthro. After Anthro, I went over to the pool, where we had a Lifeguard meeting and then Emily, Jeanette and I practiced for our Synchro performance (which is this Thursday!). Then Emily and I went to get our sack dinners from Raney, since we didn’t have hot meals because this weekend was Hanging!

This is where the story really starts: Hanging of the Greens is one of the oldest traditions at Cottey. On Wednesday all of the clubs made wreaths and on Thursday we decorated cookies and on Friday, after the chapel service, we went on an abbreviated of the campus wide caroling and hanging of the wreaths due to the “cold” (yes in quotations). Then we caroled our way to the President’s house for cookies and wassil. Saturday was the dinner and dance.

I won’t go into details about it all. I will just say that this weekend was about how amazing my friends are. My friends from home, woh always make me laugh and are always, always there for me when I need them the most and my friends here, who let me borrow their shoes and do my hair and my makeup and make me laugh and take hundreds of pictures with me. My friends who are my family. They are what this season, and every season, is about: love.


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