annoyances of introvert (part 2)

one of the worst parts about being an introvert is feeling trapped by social obligations and social interactions and other people not understanding it. today i went to one of Cottey’s distinguished speaker series presentations and although the speech itself was horrible, afterwards was even worse. first, i got caught up talking to the director of the Center for Women’s Leadership about my Presidential Project (which for those of you who don’t know is helping to host a mother/daughter tea on Feb. 1st). Talking about it did nothing positive–it just made me realize how crazy these next two weeks are going to be as I struggle to prep for the tea and deal with the phonathon that I signed up to work and class and work and everything else. Then I went out to get some refreshments, thinking that my social obligations were done, but nope! I got caught up in another conversation and when I finally got free, I tried to leave but by that time, Hazel had gotten wrapped into a conversation. I yanked on Katie’s jacket–“Can we please leave?! I am about to have a panic attack!” What is my point? My point is that people who like to talk and gain energy from it–like many of the people I was talking with tonight–do not read the signs as an introvert being drained. These signs–lack of words, closed off body language, etc–are often viewed as being rude. Why can’t it be socially acceptable to say “Hey guys–I’m feeling drained by all of this interaction. I need to recharge. No disrespect. See yall later.”?

another annoyance, not really of an introvert but one none the less: WHEN PEOPLE SAY AMERICA WHEN THEY ARE REFERRING TO THE UNITED STATES. yes, the US is technically America but you can not refer to the US by saying it and only it is America because so is Canada, Guatemala, Panama, Brazil, etc. If you’re going to claim to be worldly–call it the US. that’s what we are guys.


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