amongst the insanity

even amongst the insanity, this weekend has somehow been perfect. friday, Sam moved in the suite and Myisha moved out. Beka and I debunked the beds. we had a meeting for Change in Action, which is the committee that raises money for the scholarships Cottey gives to young women in Guatemala so that they can further their education. i had my first shift at the phonathon from 5:45-9. I got hung up on a few times, had a million disconnected numbers and wrong numbers and no answers but I had a few good conversations with alum which was nice. I didn’t raise any money though. I came back from the phonathon and Hazel and Beka and I went to Walmart so that i could get the supplies to make the cream cheese mints for the tea party. While we were there, I suggested we go to the movies, since we were all in a “lets do something!” mood. We go to the moves though at 9:40 AND THE LAST SHOW HAD ALREADY STARTED WHAT. so we just started driving and driving and we ended up in Fort Scott Kansas where we went to Wendy’s and ate in the parking lot since the restaurant itself was closed. On the way home, we stopped at the state line to take pictures. It was a simple night but a good night because of the people and our conversation. We played the question game, asking each other questions and the conversation turned into something that only comes from pure honesty and trust. It was amazing. We ended up in Katie and amanda’s room watching the Bachelorette.

Saturday I had to work at 10 at the pool and Hazel brought Chloe’s sister over since she was visiting but Chloe was at the phonathon and Hazel had to go somewhere. We ended up talking for the rest of my shift and then after a quick lunch, I came back to the suite, showered and went to the phonathon. after that, I went to the CWL and made cream cheese mints for 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. i watched Hart of Dixie while I did and Katie, Amanda and Beka, being the true friends they are, came and helped me at the end, thank god or I would probably still be there. We went back then and finished watching Tarzan with everyone else and then went to the dance! It was awkward are first–I am not huge into dancing sometimes but then it just all clicks into place and i forced myself to let go of the sense of awkwardness that was drowning me and it was so much fun.

Today, I got up early to finish up some stuff for my Mother/Daughter tea training and then went to brunch and then had the training and now–homework! i have the phonathon again at 6-9. yaaay crazy busyness! 🙂


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