cc love//bittersweet

this weekend. ah this weekend. i feel like i should go back and write about how crazy–but yet amazing this weekend was. it started out on Friday, with Mexican buffet and Jarritos and then Katie, Amanda, Hazel, Beka and I went to Walmart to get candy for the movie we were going to: That Awkward Moment. Although the movie itself wasn’t the best, the atmosphere and getting off campus for a while was perfect. We were the first people in the movie theater and we ended up getting there 20 minutes early so we were joking around until the movie started. Saturday was consumed by the Bachelor/ette–I helped Sam and Shannon with decorations and did some homework until it was time to go over at 4:30 to set up for the auction. The video I made didn’t end up getting showed because we didn’t have to right set up but I got to bid with PTK money and, scary enough, it was so addicting! Afterwards, we had to “date”/party in Hink basement which was fun. (okay now that I started writing this, I’m not feeling it…). Sunday was the PTK induction and at 8, we had the Friendship serenade. It was beautiful, as every Cottey moment is, and ended with a bunch of us holding hands, singing Daisies, as I sobbed. The end is too near for my heart but for every bit of bitter, there is five more moments of sweet.


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