today was the perfect end to a horrible week. i had speech class and then work and then we had a good lunch (grilled cheese!) and then i got my paycheck and got to read and hang out with hazel, katie, amanda and chloe before we went to dinner. at dinner (which was MAC AND CHEESE SOUP and AMAZING salad), there was a magician who was going around table to table. he came over to us after a while and did these crazy tricks–he stole my watch off my wrist and i didn’t even notice! hazel lied about her name for one of the tricks to see if that would affect it. after all of that laughter, we ran back to the suite to get out clothes so that we could go to the chapel basement and have a quick song practice before the Valentine’s Day tradition in which we dressed up as men and then sung songs in manly voices and danced for our freshman. it was so funny–the jokes that came out of it, laughing, being silly, dancing without judgement, speaking in manly voices, giving each other man names–all of it was a perfect Cottey moment and a perfect Kansas suite moment. Then we went to the hypnotist (who was the magician at dinner). Katie dragged me up on stage to go with her and it was working for a while but then it wasn’t–i was too aware of all the sounds around me to truly let go, so i quit but Katie went under completely and so did a lot of other people and they were hysterical! katie was sobbing and screaming and dancing and it’s so weird to talk about it with her because she doesn’t remember any of it. and then we had practice for the Vagina Monologues, which are tomorrow, and then we’ve just had suite bonding.

there is light in the darkness.


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