take time to count your blessings

  • my parents who are always concerned with what is best for me
  • my walk to the bank/post office today
  • the music that filled my ears as i walked
  • the sweet smell of spring time rain
  • being able to read at work today:)
  • being comfortable enough with myself to be able to sit alone at lunch and read and not caring what other people think about me
  • my new creation of a salad that i have been eating the past few days
  • my history of Women in the United States class today–it’s a small group of people-there are only 7 of us in the class-and sometimes i get annoyed because i feel like i am the only person talking but today everyone was talking and we were jumping over each other to get the word in and we were discussing the most interesting topic: marriage and how marriage ideals have shifted over time and how these ideals affect who we are today.
  • Solly’s warm hug
  • Ashley’s smiling face
  • finishing my college apps.
  • checking things off my to be done list
  • Game of Thrones book 4
  • my bed:)
  • SKD Convention, seeing Nana and Papa and Auntie Rue, Spring Break, this summer–all that’s to come


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