we went to joplin yesterday, just katie, amanda, beka and i. to get away, because i had never been there before, to go shopping, just to be. the drive there is about 45 minutes long and katie and i discussed our various camp experiences and life the whole way. we went to the mall for the next forever hours (i have a 2 hours max when it comes to malls. i blocked out after that time mark was passed). i didn’t buy anything but it was fun to look around and try some things on and help others shop. we tried on weird sunglasses and prom dresses. we people watched and took photos in the photobooth. we had dinner at chick-fil-a (<3) and swapped stories and laughs. after we were done at the mall we went to (my house) Target and then drove back, singing at the top of our lungs, to Wal-mart, where we ran around slap happy. it was a simple day, spending times with the people that always make me smile, away from the Cottey bubble. i love the feelings yesterday was made up of.


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