i would never let you lose

As I sit here, I question hundreds of things but most of all, i question people. People. Who invented us? Who put us here? Who placed us on this earth to play this stupid game? Who defines the rules–what is okay, what isn’t? Is there a point to it all–so many people seem to think so but I don’t see it. Does that make me blind or smart? I picture your actions–the words you speak, the choices you make, the smiles you share and the secrets you keep from me. I see all that you do and I question why. Why? Do you think you’re winning or do you fear you are about to lose? Why won’t you let me in–into your mind, into your heart, into your secrets and soul, so that we can win or lose together?

You know, I would never let you lose, unless I lost too. So let me in, because to win alone, you will have to give this hard, cold world more than you have to spare.


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