i could write and write and not write enough about this weekend, about the feelings in formed inside of me, in the world around me. i will try through. it started on Friday. i went to lunch after work and there was Jackie, sitting at the table as if she had never left. we ran. we hugged, we laughed. nothing had changed (funny that i always doubt that though. its because even though nothing had changed, even though nothing does change, it is different and i am not blind enough to not know that. time and distance changes things. things were not the same but things were not bad either). other hugs were exchanged with familiar faces and we ate lunch, crowded around the table and then at 1pm Amanda and I went over to the Performing Arts Center where I sat for 5 hours and hold things for FMF. We ended up making around $70 which was not how much I wanted to make, but decent enough. At 5:30 we went to dinner and then at 6:45 we went to the Virginia Alice Cottey chapel service, then we sung. We met at the Senior Sidewalks and marched to Hink, singing the marching song, where we sung first to our seniors and then to a bunch of the other classes in Lower Hink. We then went over to RBAC and sung to the rest of the classes. The oldest class was from 1949 and the largest from 1964, who were here for their 50th. They were all so awesome!!! I love singing with my Cottey sisters and sharing songs. Then Chloe and Beka and I went to Sonic and then I watched a movie on Netflix and went to bed.

Saturday, Katie, Chloe and I went to the Founder’s Day luncheon at 11am. I left after an 1 1/2 because I didn’t feel well and took a nap. Chloe and I watched OUAT after they got back at 1:45ish and we took pictures. People came in and out of our suite for the next 2 hours, looking at our DJS and sharing stories. At 4pm, after almost an hour of trying to coordinate outfits, we went to the PAC for the Homecoming celebration, where we got inducted into the Cottey College Alumnae Association and got free mugs! The classes did skits then which were hysterical and then we ran to dinner. At 7:15 we met at the sidewalks and after singing, we went to Hink for the class sing (each class sung a song), then to the sidewalks again for more singing and then to BIL Hill for a freshman, senior, and our seniors sing. It was awesome. They sung, we sung, our freshmen sung. We all went outside to sing serenade songs, some butt faced Nevada boys came up to scare us during it all, so we all ran down the hill (all 50 of us) and Sindamarinked them. Then more pictures and crying and hugging. Today we had brunch and then pictures and…

I could go on and on. I loved seeing people I know and people I don’t know, sharing the Cottey sisterhood, singing silly songs and sad ones and crying and knowing that all of these people and I are tied together by these feelings. These next few weeks will not be easy. In fact, they are going to be hard but they are worth it because this weekend, this is Cottey. And how could all of this not be?

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