i know i already wrote about founders day weekend but in a weekend so full of moments, i needed to write about them, about the moments that made it all, the flashes.

first there was seeing Jackie for the first time in almost a year and gesturing for her to come to you because I knew that if I ran to her, we would be on the floor. she came. we laughed, hugged. in that moment everything was okay. then we marched, from the senior sidewalks to Hink, singing the song we always do when we walk: “oh we’re marching along and we’re singing as we go…”. we turned the corner, amanda’s hand in one of mine and beka’s in the other and there they were, our seniors, smiling, singing right back at us, their hearts as warm and as light as my own. in that moment, i could tell. singing May All Your Dreams as our seniors sat on the floor, singing back. later, in the halls of RBAC, when our freshman came out of their last room and Beka and I started singing We Love You, Freshman and everyone else joined in and then our freshman started singing back and it was one big moment of who loves the most, when really we all know we love the same. Walking down the aisle to be on the stage, Beka, Amanda, and Katie next to me, our mugs handed to us and the alumnae clapping and screaming. We’re part of the Cottey College Alumnae Association now. How bittersweet. We marched that night from the senior sidewalks down the stairs into Raney and up onto the stage, past all the alumna, singing. “Oh we’re marching along…” They sung right back. They know the words as well. Into Hink we marched next, singing again and after singing more, out we marched. Carrying Hazel and Kayla over the senior sidewalks. BIL where we sung and sung and cried. Running down the hills after those boys, all 50 of us. Sunday when Katie, Amanda, Jackie, Ellen and I sung So Long Farewell on the Chapel steps. then when Katie, Amanda, Ellen, Jackie, Chloe, Hazel and I stood in a tight circle in the chapel drive and sung May All Of YOur Dreams. “i want Daisies to be our last song.” Jackie said. So it was. Ellen running after the car and jumping onto the back. Waving and waving until we couldn’t see Jackie and the white car anymore. Hugging Sam. Hugging, smiling.


the moments who i am.


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