To The Yellow and White

can i tell you a story? it is one i am sure that you have heard before, one about a young girl who just graduated high school and was scared, so beyond scared of what was to come and what would happen when she went off the college in the fall. That young girl stood at the end of her driveway at night with her 8 friends from high school and hugged and hugged and cried and cried and it all became so incredibly real and she was so scared and then she walked back into her house and into her empty room and she wrote this: as she cried. the next morning, her and her family drove. it seemed like an end and it was, but it was so much more, a beginning of something that would change her forever.

today is May 1st. in Finland, they are celebrating May Day. Here, in the basement of the Cottey College library, I am in mourning. There is only 19 days left. It is all down to one month. They just sent out the housing roster for next year and our names weren’t on it. i am not ready to leave. I. am. not. ready. to. leave. Should I say it again? No, instead I will play a game:

Remember when we found a gross old watermelon in our suite refrigerator in Ohio and we didn’t know where it was from?

Remember when we went to the garage sale at the United Methodist church after we all exchanged numbers and we bought sweaters and it started to rain so some lady drove us the block back to campus? That’s when we became friend really.

Remember when we went to the Renaissance fair and they gave us the rocks to find our soulmates? And then we went again this year and that creepy guy with green eyes freaked me out and we saw a guy eat fire and Katie got serenaded by an old man?

Remember when Beka and I dressed up like Christmas elves and took pictures even though it was November?

Remember when we listened to our suitemates under the door from inside our room?

Remember when everyone but Beka and I dressed up for Halloween and went trick-o treating and I yelled “Who wants some fudge?” and we threw candy corn into each other’s mouths?

Remember when Kelley got super obsessed over the fact that we locked ourselves out of the kitchen?

Remember when we snuck puppies into the hall? (opps)

Remember when we went thrifting and Katie and Beka tried on all those crazy clothes?

Remember when I fell into the lake?

Remember when we went to Olive Garden and the waiter “took” our picture?

Remember when I broke the shower and just left it like that?

Remember when I ate frozen pasta, half cooked, and with a straw?

Remember when we threw a snowball at Ellen and Jackie’s window and yelled “oh Romeo, oh Romeo where for arth thou Romeo?”

Remember when we went walking at night and hid every time a car came by and then we accidentally hid in the car’s driveway and I ran?

Remember when we did our Christmas skit and Beka hid in a box the whole time and Kelley read that poem?

Remember when we did our Christmas skit and North Pole santa and South pole santa had a fight off?

Remember when we went to Joplin and I wanted so badly to steal a shopping cart?

Remember when we went to that club in Springfield and Beka lost her ID?

Remember when we went to Arkansas?

Remember when we went to Kansas City over Thanksgiving and Hazel became our “hot mama”?

Remember every single tradition?

Remember at Founder’ when the Rats came? Remember how those guys came to try and scare us and we all ran down the hill and skindamarinked them?

Remember the first time we skindamarinked someone in the kitchen and I ran so fast I almost fell over?

Remember when I saw Ellen for the first time after winter break and we did fall over? In the middle of Raney too.

Remember that bird in Raney who kept trying to fly through the window?

Remember when we were basically the only people who sung Happy Birthday that one time in Raney?

Remember when there was 2 tornado warnings in one night?

Remember when I dropped a skittle into the pool to see if it could float?

Remember when we did the Cold Water challenge and Beka didn’t jump in the first time!?

Remember when we put Beka in the trunk of Ellen’s car?

Remember when I went to the wrong bio lab and pretended I didn’t know?

Remember when Pro. Spencer said ‘don’t go waffling around”?

Remember when we #RWACed?

Remember when we got a suite christmas tree?

Remember when Hazel thought I took her socks out of her drawer and gave them to Chloe for Secret Santa?

Remember those 2 times we played Apple Tennis?

Remember when I found a penny at the gas station when we went to pick up Chloe?

Remember every single movie we watched and how we always picked out characters for each other?

Remember when we went to Beauty and the Beast in Kansas City?

Remember Pineapple head from that one dance?

Remember Steve Means?

Remember when we went to the headphone disco and asked them to play Dancing Queen and they did and we were the only ones ont that station so he turned it off?

Remember when we went to Walmart all dressed up after Ellen’s birthday dinner?

Remember when we did a flash mob in Kansas City?

Remember every ‘code yellow’?

Remember that stupid baby doll we hid everywhere?

Remember how many times Sheldon scared us all?


Remember when we dressed up like Disney princesses for Emanon?

Remember “25 SHOTS FOR 1 DOLLAR!?!”

Remember when Ginger proposed to me on the steps of Main after hanging?

Remember when Jackie proposed to me and she couldnt get the words right?

Remember when Jackie gave me 12 roses?

Remember when Beka and I spammed the Cottey Confessions Page?

Remember when we watched Dr. Peterson play volleyball?

I could go on and on and on and on. Remember this, remember that? So many memories trapped inside our cameras and inside our minds. I am not ready to leave them all. To leave this place, to leave you all. I don’t think I will every be ready. I love you all too much to ever want to leave. So I will remember all of this and try to remember something else too: that we belong to the yellow and white and the yellow and white belong to us. They may seem like small words from a sweet song but they are so much more–they are our reminder that this place is forever ours as long as we remember each other.




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