life sized dislikes

ive come to a conclusion–one derived from observations i have made the past few weeks. the first was when i realized that the people i end up loving/admiring a great deal are always people who i dislike strongly at first. Dr. Stubblefield, Dr. Bourbon, Dr. Quick, certain friends of mine, and so many other people. When I dislike people from the moment they walk into the room and open their mouths, I end up loving them later. How strange is that? I mentioned this to Chloe and Katie and Amanda and Chloe said that she thinks it’s because you see what you don’t like about yourself in them and then you grow to see the things you do like about yourself in them and those positive feelings over take. Then a few days or a week or so ago I came to the conclusion that two of my good friends don’t get along because they have personality conflicts–aka they are very similar in a lot of vital ways. And I just realized why: they see the parts of themselves in each other that they don’t like. it all makes so much sense now. We get scared when we see our dislikes of ourselves reflected in others. Who would want to see a life-size version of their greatest dislike? all of the wheels just clicked into place.


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