perfectly imperfect

i will not sleep well until I am home in my own bed. i know that and 3 nights into horrible sleep, i know it to be more true than false. i am not ready. i am not ready. iamnotready. iamnotready.what do i have to do to make time stop?

this weekend (although only 1/2 way over) has been perfectly imperfect. we left on Friday to go to Chloe’s house. Amanda, Beka and I drove down together and Katie, Sam, Ashley and Chloe went in Ashley’s car. after dropping everything off at Chloe’s house, we went to get dinner (at Subway!) and went to the park to eat. the park was beautiful, except for the boys with their snake. there were a ton of huge ducks and swans there and so we had quite a few laughs as Sam and Beka climbed onto the picnic table, freaking out and others of us refused to put our feet on the ground in case a snake came up. love me some nature but not the animals. after we finished eating, we went to play on the playground and walked around the pond (Penny fell in the mud!). The park closed at 8 so we went back to Chloe’s and then walked to the ice cream place in town. katie and i saw some guy hanging out in a drainage ditch pipe while we were walking there. after getting ice cream, we went to the Bean, a local coffee place so that Ashley could get something. Katie ended up calling our grandsenior/friend Lindsay who goes to school at SBU in town and she came to meet us there so we got to visit with her for a while, which was really awesome. Saturday, we got our nails done, drove to Springfield to see a movie, go skating (SO AWESOME), and go to the mall. we went back to Chloe’s for a BBQ and then sam, beka, amanda, katie and i came back. it was fantastic.

so why perfectly imperfect? because I just truly realized that being part of a group isn’t easy, that people will disagree and fight for control of the situation, that being part of a group means you can’t be with everyone all the time, that you have to share. I love these women. I am not ready to leave. I want to continue to be perfectly imperfect with them and make mistakes and grow. How will we do that when we are so far away from each other?


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