with a lower case m

so here i sit in the camp office, surrounded by two of my fellow camp counselors, the other two who don’t have to get their lifeguard certifications, and i finally have a moment to reflect upon these past 5 days and all that is to come. we’ve done low ropes course training, which included trust falls, me falling on rocks and cutting my knee open, laughing at each other and at ourselves; today we did archery training which i obtained a giant bruise from and learned that i am left eye dominant (which is why i can only wink with that eye!). the weekend was us all hanging out and getting to know each other and sleeping and spending time outside and napping outside and watching movies. there was Culver’s and star gazing. yesterday we played what was probably the most amazing game of Mafia ever. it has just been amazing getting to know everyone and the part of low ropes that has stuck with me the most is when Ryan, our instructor, said that we are striving to manipulate our campers during low ropes so that they loose all sense of equilibrium and are able to grow but with a lower case m–not an a evil way, in a way to help them grow. that’s what this summer is going to be: a lot of manipulation, but with a lower case m. these friendships that are forming–i can feel the depth to which they will reach and we’ve barely begun. fear almost stopped me and yet here i am, never wanting to leave.


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