it’s funny what time can do. how do i explain this? wow, i say that all the time but i guess it’s because i have been blessed over and over again by whatever or whoever rules and runs this universe–whether it be God, karma, time, or love–with feelings I just can’t quite explain. Tomorrow, I will have been at camp for 1 month. in that time, and even more so, in the time since the Pine Lakers left (as much as i love them, it is different in a smaller group), we have bonded into a united front against all that is put into our lives. i love these people. i love Chip’s silly faces and Laura’s calm guidance. I love Renee’s motherly comfort, I love the way that Peter makes me laugh, I love Jesse’s jokes, I love Amanda’s strange but yet strong way of caring, I love Rachel’s dedication, I love Lisa’s positive attitude, I love Kez’s openness, I love how Andrea is the same as me in so many ways, I love how Holly too makes me laugh, I love how Kiristy listens, I love how Megan supports. I love each and every part of them. I love the community we have formed and the places we are going. I love it here. The beauty, the way we keep moving forward.

Jesse got baptized today. There was another group of campers here this past week that we were only staffing, not counseling for, and they brought their own pastor and I don’t know how it came to pass or why Jesse decided to do it but after all the campers left (hallelujah this week was rough) and we had danced on the table and rode the Pruggle (party struggle) bus down to the waterfront, the pastor and his wife and 2 kids came down and we all stood on shore as Jesse got baptized. I am not sure where I stand with God or that I stand with Christianity 100%. I think that I was too young when I was confirmed and nowhere near ready to make that kind of commitment or claim since I didn’t really know who I was but the community. The community that religion creates, the power that flooded through me during the worship I had the opportunity to go to this week that Senior High Alive was hosting, there is something about those two things. The same feelings that flooded through me during worship flooded through me during every serenade at Cottey and so I must conclude that the community, the strong supportive community, is somehow connected to that feeling.

Maybe it is time and the struggles we face pulling us closer together but i truly believe that each and everyone of these people was meant to come into my life.


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