woes of an introvert

Just a thought…

one of the things that sucks about being an introvert is that people label you. I mean, people in this world label each other all the time. We love labels. They help us determine who is friend and who is foe. They make us comfortable but in a society, the American society, where being extrovert is valued so much being introverted means you get a lot of unfair labels slapped on you. And I normally avoid these labels since I’m pretty darn good at pretending to be extroverted but here’s my theory: I used all my fake extroversion up this summer. Not because my job was too social for me but because the authority figures I worked under didn’t give me enough break time to regenerate. So I need to recover and I can feel myself getting there as I get more use to being at Salem and allowing myself to take the time I need. And how is it fair to get labeled just because of who I really am?

That’s all.


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