this and that at salem

I feel that I haven’t written in a while even though I probably have…

The adjustment is hard, long, grueling. I still haven’t found my place or my people but I am looking and getting closer to finding. I have two littles, much by accident but all by blessing. I’ve been getting to know them and appreciate them and learning to craft for them. Big/Little reveal was last Friday and a fellow junior adopted me as her co-little, forming a new friendship. I am involved in Intervarsity, which is also a blessing. I really like the leader, Emily, and had coffee with her last week. I volunteered at the Latina Fiesta downtown two weekends ago and went to my first ever Krispy Kreme after Intervarsity a week ago. I went with my littles and a few others to Cookout, another first and took the shuttle to Walmart. Work is the same old, same old. Yesterday, I went to Emmaus, a college late night worship downtown after two friends from my orientation group and another from Intervarsity invited me. I went just to see what it was like, but ended up falling a bit in love mainly because they have a live worship band and because there’s *gasp* guys there. Not in that stereotypical way of “ohmigosh i need to be around guys” but just because sometimes, it’s good to be in an environment that reflects the real world. I miss my camp environment, every part of it, and so on another whim, I found myself signed up for their fall retreat this weekend. I don’t like to make split decisions but somehow this one feels right. Today is FallFest which means I woken up at 6:18am by drunken seniors with frying pans and loud voices and the Wake Forest drum line. We don’t have classes today so we had Chants and Cheers for an hour, breakfast in the decorated Rat (each class has a theme. The overall theme is Pixar, so our class theme was Finding Nemo), breakfast skits, a parade, more skits and then there’s more tonight, along with an after party.

I am good.


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