coffee shops

coffee shops-I’ve figured them out. It’s been a journey. I didn’t start going to coffee shops until senior year of high school when some drama went down and I suddenly I was at Starbucks all the time. I felt it then and so I started asking friend who wanted to hang out to meet me there but then not liking coffee and summer turned me away from them until suddenly I was here in Winston, where the coffee shops are numerous and after going to two in 48 hours I figured it out.

I love coffee but more than that I love coffee shops. They embody all that I love about Madison and all I am-music, local, book exchanges, live shows, art shows, coffee, fair trade, hipsters, cozy, local art events, pastries, friendly people all there to do their own thing, books, computers, comfort. If you’ve ever been to a local coffee shop you know what I’m talking about. That feeling-I love it.


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