do you hear what i hear?

do you hear what i hear?

how is it that history moves in circles in two lives that are intertwined? i have felt your feelings before. of course, they are not the same because you had more warning, because the people were different, because you are not me but they are twins. all of this reminds me of the one moment my body has become too much for me to hold and i fell to the ground, to the hard road, and sobbed. i don’t know what to say but you don’t deserve this. the people it happens to never do.

do you know what i know?

you are making me mad, the way you have moved on from us, chosen him over those who have shaped you, molded you. you could be more respectful, you could care more. maybe you don’t see it that way but here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter how you see it because even if you don’t see it, you’re hurting me.


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