baby bear

So I’m at the airport-a series of places that I have spent a great deal of time in the past week and a half. But I like airports-I like the emotion they bring to the surface in people: joy, pain, excitement, a remembrance that you are lucky to be able to visit the people you love and see new people. Despite this, I hate leaving. I hate leaving the people I love but the joy, oh the joy, that comes with being together:

-Tuesday I arrived and Beka was waiting with a sign and we RWACed our way out of the parking lot after loosing the ticket and attempting to get a new one. We drove then to South Padre Island where we dined at Blackbeards and I threw salad all over the place and we laughed. We went to the ocean then.
-Wednesday I hung out at home with Beedo and Bekas dad, enjoying the sun and the words while Beka was at work. We went then to the fire station and to dinner and looked at Mexico.
-Thursday Beka had off so we went to WhatABurger with her cousins Risa and her aunts. Then Risa Beka and I went grapefruit “picking” and almost tipped the cat while diving through the mud to get there. Next we went to get Buba tea and then after dropping Risa off Beka and I went to all four HEBs and bought Mexican candy!!! Then we went out to dinner with Bekas mom. Mexican, of course.
-Friday we got breakfast tacos before going to Bekas work. She had a meeting and then we had their Christmas party, which consisted of lunch and bowling! It was so much fun. I love her coworkers. That night we went to the city of Mission Christmas party with Risa and her parents which was SO fancy! We broke the photo booth, danced and got candy from the candy shop. The night ended with a trip to a restaurant with loud but beautiful Spanish karaoke.
-Saturday we went to the PULGA (literally funeral planning was being sold along with movies, fruit and dogs. It was awesome) and watched Bekas cousin. That night we watched best of me, which Beka had bought at the pulga
-Sunday-ranch!!! Well church then the ranch which was soooo pretty!
-yesterday we went to the beach again and I dug a hole and we walked about two miles up the beach. After we got sonic and watched a movie.

Why am I making a list? Because the memory is faulty and I don’t want to forget how blessed I am by Bekas family and Beka herself-accepting, open and joyous. We fight like sisters but that’s because that’s what she is.


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