[copy right mf 2015]

i’ve had this idea in my head for a few years for an art piece. it would have four parts, all huge world maps with push pins, and go like this: 1) the places i’ve been 2) the places i’ve lived 3) the places i call home 3) where my heart is.

and people would come and people would look at them, these four different maps and they would turn to the artist, me, who would be standing next to the piece, hating the attention but loving the ability to watch people and to share, and they would say things like “wow, you’ve lived a lot of places. how is that?” and “you sure have been a lot of places. what a blessing. which was your favorite?” but there would be one or two or maybe a handful of people, who are lookers and watchers like me, who would take a step back, lips pursed, head tilted and glance towards me. “Are you the artist?” they’d ask. i’d nod. they’d take a step closer, whispering what is only a secret because many fail to see it: “how can your heart be somewhere you’ve never been?”

and in that, i would know that they too have people they love, who the ocean keeps from them.


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