I must explain something that perhaps does not need stating but my heart feels the need to explain (justify?)…I am a soul of wander in a body of roots. This leads to a never ending series of contradictions and desires. It’s the reasoning behind the past four years of my life and the reason why I am who I am today because of those choices. Let me explain.

Since August 2012 the longest I have been at home is 1 month (which was broken by trips so really around two weeks). It goes like this: Cottey, winter break and Door County and Bass Lake, Cottey, spring break, home with Bass Lake, Europe, home for five days, Cottey, home, Guatemala, home, Bass Lake, home, Cottey, spring break with Oshkosh and Green Lake, Cottey, home for eleven days, Camp, home for ten days, Salem, home, Texas, home, Salem and now. A crazy, wonderful world wind of travel and adventure but difficult on my roots. Although as I grow being from my city and my people there becomes easier, the pull doesn’t lessen. When you factor in the events of these past few months, you must understand why all I want from this summer is to be home both physically and emotionally.

Perhaps it is selfish but I know myself and this traveling soul needs a break before I cross oceans again.

These are my thoughts, that is all.


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