waiting in line

this past saturday i went to my first ever food truck festival. i don’t have a lot to say about it, at least not enough to write a post on it, but i just wanted to somehow capture the pure joy that shot through my veins while i waited in line for the most delicious tacos i have ever had and the best ice cream sandwich. it’s hard to be on campus at see people signing up for housing next year and classes and running for positions and having to explain over and over again that i can’t because I’m going to be in Spain. not because I regret Spain (can you regret a choice you haven’t lived out yet?), no that’s not it at all. i just like to know what’s coming and Spain is still so blurry, so far off in the future. but that blur is something i have fought long and hard for, waited for, and i am beyond excited for it to come.

which brings me back to the food truck festival with it’s North Carolina heat and my favorite shirt and friends and live music and dancing while you sit across from a couple who can only smile: those moments. waiting in long lines lead to the best moments.

it’s just hard to remember that when you’re waiting in those lines.

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