time runs 

[how do I express this all without causing you any pain?]

I feel the effects of time more and more so every day.

You, marriage.

You, death.

You, firsts.

You, adventures.

You, lost.

You, rejection.

You, grief.

If the words forever ever passes your lips you are either a beautiful kind of naive or a strange kind of hopeful because we all know it, either on the surface or deep inside: nothing last forever.

Can you be angry at someone for something they’ve done in grief?

Can you be angry at someone for not responding right to something you didn’t even tell them?

Can you explode from withholding the truth about your views?

Is there a better place to be a fake? Or am I simply fulfilling the irony of it all? Does that make it worse?

Is jealousy justified? Is the pain of being left behind?

Perhaps there are no clear answers to anything but I will hold my tongue in case there are, for the sake of all these relationships that often take so much more than they give.

Weary of these feelings, yes. But yet I feel them no less.


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