here is my collection of thoughts for a collection of moments, long over due.

It’s interesting the parts of yourself you edit out as you slowly reveal who you are to new people and the parts you repeat over and over because suddenly, somehow for some reason they’ve become important.

lives are so intertwined. my fears are now rooted to what you did then. we aren’t regulars to each other anymore and seeing that made me realize how many different kinds of relationships there are-me and you the once best friend turned waves and nods, the ex-aunt figure turned back into friend’s mom-but the thing is, once you enter  another life, anyone’s life, you’re rarely truly gone. 

at least once a day I realize how scarred I am from last summer. You left me fear and mistrust others must undo.

a shoe.

female friendships are of the most vital importance. all friendships are really. Life is tough and we need friends to help us learn and grow and share but I believe that girls, young women and women need each other most of all. we have a battle to fight. so this thought causes my eyes to take in the present with a glimpse of the future…I look at the young ones and I hope it last. I look at the middles and I know these are key moments, forming so much, and I look at myself and I wonder why society has to put us into boxes. we are each other’s best survival skill-can you not give us that? 

I love when my mind gets stuck between English and Spanish.

uncertainty. I am uncertain of the faith I feel I am suppose to have in the next generation. I am not sure what society has formed will do us good when we need the them most. 

the stars, shinning bright.

is the universe on my side?

yes, all these things cross my mind but mostly I think that. 


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