rib cage 

I lay in bed at night, waiting.

tonight, the rain pitters on the roof, a dance too beautiful for humans to replicate for if we fell, we’d be gone.

I often feel trapped by my body, the very creation that keeps me alive.

my bones are too hard, too heavy to be lifted; my skin is too thick and yet it isn’t easily broken.

when I lay here, at night, I feel I couldn’t move even if the world begged me.

my body is too heavy except for right behind my heart and in the middle of my chest-where my soul lives.

there my body is light, hallow, empty-like and yet it can’t move because it’s attached to all the rest.

the bone, the fluids, the skin.

my soul wants to dance.

if it falls, it will not break because it’s not wholely human.

but the bones bound to protect it will not let it go.

so here I lay, in a body I cannot lift and listen.

it’s all that’s left to do and yet, I feel uneasy. 


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