high street hostel rambles

a list for your pleasure:

1) I have so far realized I’ve forgotten two things: my IPod (although I have the charger yay) and my computer case. Whoops.

2) I ate meat for the first time in almost six months due to starvation (thanks airplane food) and then almost barfed when I realized the second part of the meal wasn’t noodles, but shrimp.

3) so far I’ve been told once my major is pointless. I think I’m going to count how many older people feel the need to hand me unasked for advice. (I took no hurt from the comment itself but was more annoyed at the old white American males belief he could make such a statement and leave no harm)

4) I missed my flight to Edinburgh but got three new passport stamps. 

5) it’s so weird that I’ve come so far and yet I’m not overwhelmed by the sense of newness as much as I’ve been in the past. Maybe because I’ve been here before or maybe because I’m more sure of my own soul?

6) I don’t mind traveling alone but I find the worst part (so far) is not having anyone to share rambles such as these with 


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