paisley steps

I had a moment today, after Kirsty’s gran and I got out of Denise’s small black car and walked out of the mall that strangely has a cobblers, when we were walking up the hill to the post office.

my feet lifted up and down on the grey and black cobblestone streets, the hill was slight but enough to make my calves burn. We walked pass a plaza with a statue, the sun hot in my eyes. To my left, music was being played, the kind with no words, a brass instrument of some sort, an accordion, maybe drums. The music poured out from the corner of my world and flooded quickly towards me. as I took it all in, the sights, the smells, the noise, I had a thought I have often enough, a heartbeat of déjà vu.

except as I walked and as the moment became sharper, all my sense attuned and my mind half floating above my body, I realized I wasn’t déjà vu-I’d seen this all before, I’d felt this all before, all of it, everything, in a dream.

maybe you don’t believe me. my psychology teacher, I can’t remember which of the many, once explained to me that déjà vu simply occurs when one side of your brain processes something faster than the other and I’m sure science’s reasoning holds some weight but what I relived today was more than my brain working too fast. My soul was speaking too.

heed this moment, love it said, something important happens here

I half expected the world to shift and yet all that moved was the air.

so maybe my soul was just whispering, so quiet I have yet to hear. Whatever it was though, that dream in living color, I can’t ignore it and so I’ve paused, to capture it here.


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