Scotland/Spain rambles

i’d be lying if it said this has been easy so far. every moment of the day seems to be a new obstacle, from not being able to turn on the stove, to not being able to shut the blinds in my room, to getting lost countless times, i feel so overwhelmed. questions pass through my mind, mostly ones of doubt. how could i have ever thought this would be some thing enjoyable? how will i ever see all of this city? the pressure to experience it all is pushing hard on my poor introverted nerves. my bones are becoming heavy. as normal, i long for what i do not have. what a circle my life seems to be but then, as soon as i think that, i remember that i have been here before. not here, here but in this emotional place, full of doubts and fears, in Panama and look to the heights that i hold those two months. this will get better. i know that but it’s hard to convince yourself of things.

anyways, before i continue to ramble about emotions and how much i feel i’m swimming upstream, i want to discuss beautiful Scotland. I am so in love with that country. for prosperity’s sake i am just going to make a list of the last few days:

september 9th/10th-took the bus to Chicago, plane to Madrid (watched Inside Out and Hot Pursuit and ate meat for the first time in 6+ months), went through customs in Madrid to get my suitcase to recheck it to Edinburgh, flew to London, couldn’t get through customs fast enough so missed my flight to Edinburgh, got on the next one, took the bus to city center, walked to my hostel, arrived around 8pm and went to bed.

september 11th-13th-Haggis tour! We went all over the Highlands–both nights were spent in one of my favorite towns in Scotland, Fort Augustus. We saw Loch Ness, went to a whiskey place, tasted the whiskey (nasty), saw Inverness, went to William Wallace’s monument, Glen Coe, the Isle of Skye (!!!), saw the Harry Potter train, went to Inverlochy Castle, and so much more! I took the bus that night to Glasgow and Kirsty!

while in Glasgow I…:

  • took a bus tour
  • was assumed to be a fresher during Glasgow’s uni’s fresher week and got free stuff
  • went to the movies with Kirsty
  • went to Kelvingrove museum
  • went to the Tenement house
  • went to the Paisley Abbey
  • went to Sma’ Shot Cottages
  • went to Loch Lomand
  • saw four weddings
  • took a solo day trip to Stirling to the castle!
  • drank a lot of tea
  • went to watch the Galeic Football finals in an Irish pub
  • learned about Rugby
  • went to the People’s Palace
  • went to Inveraray Castle, the duke of Arygll’s house
  • went to the Inveraray jail
  • made tablet, a Scottish sweet

It was all so amazing. There is so much history in Scotland, it runs so deep and it’s people have a strength about them that gives me hope. I came to Granada on Monday the 21st, after three flights, and proceeded to get very lost with Amani, my apartment mate, while trying to find out apartment. I think we ended up getting off the bus too early and then the taxi we got into was being driven by a man who didn’t know where our street was. When we finally found it, he dropped us off at the bottom and then we didn’t have a way to call to tell somebody that we were there, so we tried to get Wi-Fi which didn’t work so I ended up having to ask a baker if i could use his phone. We didn’t get into the apartment until 7:30 at night and I had gotten up at 4:45 that morning so a trip to the grocery store was all that we did that night except even that took so much energy because we had to find it and then couldn’t find half of the things we wanted but it all ended up fine, except we accidentally stole the plastic bags from the store because we didn’t know you have to pay 5 cents for them. Whoops. The next day we had a orientation meeting and then we went out to lunch with two other girls from our program, one from Hawaii and the other from Texas (??). I got pizza and wow, there was soooo much cheese on it. I couldn’t even eat half of it. Then we had our FOUR HOUR LONG placement test. It was so stressful and of course, i was the 3rd to last person to be called for the speaking part. But I got placed into level 5, which is what I needed to take the class I need to transfer back home so yay! Then we had our welcome party, with the intensive students who have already been here for a month and then some of us went out for tapas and then I headed home by 11:30.

Yesterday, I had an academic meeting at 11:30, and I had to rearrange my schedule because of course, I didn’t get the one class I need so hopefully that will be fixed soon. Then I went out and about to go grocery shopping/look for a convertor that I needed, after I got locked out of the house because the door and I have declared war on each other (I have three keys to get into my room–the street level door, the apartment door and then my room). I went to a bookstore too because I needed a moment among my comfort and then we went out last night. Today, we went on a walking tour of the Arab neighborhood of Granada, called the Albaicin and it’s so pretty!!!!! I like our apartment as well–it’s two stories and on top of a Mexican bar. My room is on the first floor and we have a living room, kitchen and two porches!

Okay, if you read all of my rant, congratulations. I just needed to word vomit. I feel better.


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