While on the bus back to Granada, I figured I might as well take advantage of the free wifi to document my weekend in Malaga.

Friday morning I got up at 6:45 to leave the house by 7:15 to walk up to Plaza Gran Capitan to get a taxi to the bus station for my bus at 8. Amani and Kristin came with me to Malaga but decided to buy later bus tickets (a smart decision). I slept the whole way to Malaga, arriving there at 10ish. Since my SIM card had reached its month limit the day before and Vodafone decided that was the day to shut the store for no reason, I was without data to use for maps. Amani, Kristin and I planned to meet at the hostel at 12:30 so once I got off the bus, I resorted to my guidebook’s map to get to city center. I got a bit lost but ended up walking to the port, finding one of the city’s famous jungle like parks and the cathedral. A man even asked me for directions which always makes me smile. I sat in the park for a while to eat some and then wandered towards the cathedral and decided to go inside.

The inside was beautiful and awe inspiring, as i find all cathedrals to be but I’ve begun to notice a pattern as to how they’re built and I’ve think I’ve seen enough for a while. I wandered to the hostel then and met up with Amani and Kristin. Our hostel was called Patio 19 and was amazing. There were three floors, all decorated with antiques and flammenco accessories, and a wide variety of food for breakfast. We were on the third floor in a six person female dorm with a little balconey and a great view. After we got settled in we went in search of food and stumbled upon an amazing restaurant called November where we ended up eating both days. The food was SO good and the environment was very hipster and well decorated. After lunch we went to the plaza outside of Picasso’s birth house and then to the Picasso museum. We shopped a bit after that, got super good natural Popsicles, walked to the port and then had dinner before walking the streets some more.

Yesterday we went to the Alcazaba, which is like a mini Alhambra and hiked way up the hill to the fortress attached to the Alcazaba. The walls are still intact and we got to walk them which was so cool! We headed back to the hostel after lunch for a siesta and then I went to Picasso’s birthplace and the adjoining museum which was interesting. I grew an appreciation for his art that I didn’t have before. After, we went to see a movie that was part of the Malaga film festival, called “El Coro” or the Boys Choir and it was so good! So many emotions. Afterwards everyone else in the theater didn’t get up until after the credits which we laughed about because it’s so Spanish to stay seated during credits you can’t entirely understand (the movie was in English).

Today I went to the beach before we headed to the bus station. I really loved Malaga. It was much more tropical than Granada is due to its location and the city itself is bigger. But also there was something about the atmosphere, with the cute cafes and statues around the most random curves, with many bookstores and painters lined up, taking it all in that put a smile on my face.


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