Little Me, Back From Paris (but said as the French do)

Paris meant laughter, friends and fall. As i walked down the cobbled roads by the Siene I kicked all the fall leaves with my boots, as a child would. I love fall. I missed fall. My heart was happy.

After taking a Bla Bla car to Malaga, my journey from the airport in Paris consisted of me double and triple checking the map since the French pronounciation sounded nothing like I would’ve said the words. I made it to the hostel with few problems though and met up with Emily and her friend, Stephen downstairs for a long chat. 

The next morning we met up for breakfast and then went to the Eiffel Tower. On the way there we saw two kids dressed up with berets on scooters with baguettes in their backpacks-they were from the States and shooting their Christmas card. Super cute! We waited in line to go to the very top and after taking one elevator to the second floor had to get off to switch and when Emily and I went to the bathroom we ended up loosing Stephen. We couldn’t find him so we went to to top assuming he’d be there and he want so after looking around and down (so scary) we went back down the straight up elevator to the second floor to try and find him. We didn’t so we decided to go all the way down and look for him. Of course, we didn’t find him but we did see all the illegal sellers jiggling their medal Eifffel towers get chased by a police officer on his bike. We decided to cross the river and go to the building on the other side where we were supposed to meet a friend of Emily’s friend who lives in Paris but we were so late and there was so many people there we couldn’t find him so we ended up getting baguettes for lunch and heading towards the Notre Dame. On the way we stopped at a cafe for a banana chocolate crepe and to use the wifi to message Stephen. The waiter was totally on to us that we didn’t want to order until we knew the wifi worked so he was kind of a butt but the crepe was good! [side note-they have free water in France with food]. We went to the Notre Dame then and were waiting in line there when Stephen found us on accident. He’d been waiting for us on the second floor for 40 minutes before going up to the top and then down to look for us…whoops. We went into the cathedral while he waited outside since he’s already been in. Then we all went to a famous bookstore where authors can stay for free in exchange for working called Shakespeare and Company. It was heaven. Next we went to eat after walking along the river some and after dinner we ended up back at the Tower to see it light up at night.

Sunday Emily and I went to the Catacombs which were very morbid but the cafe we went to before hand was amazing! Emily had to head to the airport then so I went to the Lourve alone. I accidentally exited the security part so I had to go through security twice but I got in for free so that was a plus! And I saw the Mona Lisa. It was super small. My favorite piece was actually Winged Victory of Samothrace. After navigating the maze of the Lourve I went in search of a bakery and bought the items I needed to check off my French pastery  bucket list: a croissant, an eclair and a macaroon. I ate them all by the Siene before walking to the Eiffel Tower to see it again by night. 

I fell a little bit in love with it all.



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