in whose name

“has acabo evitar lo que ocurrió en París, no?

you just missed what happened in Paris, huh? 

the second time I heard it, I felt off. should I be grateful my world turned this way? they were just going to a concert, just watching soccer, just meeting friends, just having a drink. 

I stood on the second floor of the CLM, elbows on the balconey, and bowed my head. The man below, his voice cracked as he spoke in a language I only half call my own. 

Noon. Silence. 

Maybe some prayed, prayers of thanksgiving it wasn’t them or their loved ones, prayers of desperation for what’s to come, prayers of peace-I don’t know. 

I leaked salt water from my lens. 

I don’t understand it all, any of it. The way the world has responded in part shows how blind we all are. Should we pray to change that?

Is she alive-that woman I met in Lisbon who had sailed from her French home?

I only know this: Paris showed me peace and joy. The whole human race deserves that. What was this all for? 

Will we break ourselves trying to fix this?


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