time only pulls

i’ll miss my room.

i’ll miss tapas, the feeling that comes when you pick up a glass of tinto de verano and laugh and eat and think. the warmth of the cafes, the cool air on your neck when you sit outside.

i’ll miss the 1.20 euro coffee, shopping for my own groceries, the satisfaction that comes when i sit down to a meal i made on my own. i’ll miss speaking Spanish, i’ll miss the buildings of Granada, i’ll miss the Alhambra, i’ll miss the Albacin, the mountains in the background, the view from Carmen de Los Martines, how well i know this city and how every day there can still be a surprise. I’ll miss the pastries, i’ll miss my friends, POE, media class, history of Spain. i’ll miss siesta

i’ll miss volunteering, walking to school, things i hated in the beginning but came to love.

i’ll miss

i won’t miss the lack of toilet paper everywhere i go, the constant cigarette smoke, the slow walking, the poop on the ground, the horrible wifi, my leaky shower.

at moments, there was more. the negative has been more but at the end, as always, the bad falls away. the good becomes more.

i’ll miss


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