the truth of the tide

i cried when i crossed the north carolina boarder and all i could do was ask myself why.

why are you crying, dear one? why does your heart ache?

i rolled through all the possible answers in my head: i miss my family already, i want to go back to spain, i’m tired, i’m hungry, i’m stressed, but i was lying to myself with every syllable of those words. i already knew the answer.

there are two:

i want to be done. summer and spain were more in the ‘real’ world than i have ever been before and i already longed for that person.

that person.

the second answer was part of the first: salem has been light, yes, but shadows play in light. and i’m scared of that darkness creeping back in.

how do you win when you’re afraid?

easy: you do it all anyway.






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