i believe in something greater than myself.

that something may be the love and sacrifice of the human blood and bone

i’m not sure

but this is the only way i know how to celebrate the beauty of whatever it is.

this is in part because of the truths of my childhood, which are as all truths are: true.

the other half of the why is rooted in familiarity–it’s hard to leap when you don’t know what you’ll see.

and i won’t apologize for this, for seeking answers in what i already know.

but please, don’t take my lack of bravery to mean i believe what you believe, that my answers will come from the same book you found yours in, that i close my eyes for the same reason you do.

because i don’t.

you see, there’s an anchor i have only just melted into liquid, light enough to carry, small enough to swallow.

and before i couldn’t carry so many heavy things.

sometimes, i still can’t

so i close my eyes and fall back on what i already know

and that’s just as all truths are: true.

nothing more.



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