half erased marks

I’ve thought of you more tonight than I have in a long time-

Have you come to sit by my side?

You’d think that I would hear the sofa creak, shifting under your weight. I almost do, even though I know I can’t, because the only place I’ll ever hear your voice again is inside my mind.

What have you come to tell me? To warn me of? 

I have questions too. 

Where have you gone? 

What do you feel towards the ripples your absence has caused?

 I know what I felt. 

I know what I feel. 

Or is this not about that? Is it about words of wisdom you never got to share? I’m ready, willing, waiting, for advice.

What do you see from wherever you’ve gone? Why have you joined me once again, now? You casted a long shadow in my sunshine lacking world and ironically the country that first took from me gave back all the light.

Do you need me now, in a way I can never again need you?

What are you whispering? I can feel your weight.

Toss me the words. I’ve never believed in my ability to catch but for you, I’ll even close my eyes.


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