I’m still with her, and I’m always for us

I have cried many tears in the last 12 hours.

My heart is so heavy. I have so many questions. The words to describe how I feel are numerous, all clouded in fear, disbelief and anger.
How is this who we are? The answer is that it is but it’s also not. 

These results reflect what this country, as a democracy, has decided to represent and embody and promote for the next four years. Ideals like sexism, racism, anti-Muslim, anti-LBGTQ+, unacceptence, intolerance, the need to have power even if it means the total disregard of others. This is what the “United” States will stand on for the next four years, reflected in our House, our Senate and most of all in our president elect.

But this is not who we are. Not as individuals, not even as a whole. As of now, Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote. That means more people marked the ballot for her than for her opponent. 

Data has shown that millennials, ages 18-29, voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. 

My Facebook feed is covered in posts offering hope, pledging support to minority groups, promising to fight until this is no longer reality. 

My students at school, second graders, first graders, kindergarteners, all expressed outrage and disbelief that the results ended in the favor of the Republican Party nominee. 

Yes, there a hundreds of things at play here. Yes, the white people of this country have much work to do to become better, myself included. Yes, privileges must be checked. Yes, in many ways this election was an unfair game. Yes, yes, yes and a thousand other things. 

 But while I continue to educate myself on all aspects of US, and international, politics affairs, I try to remember something too, something I often forget: there is hope.

There is hope in my friends and co-workers and classmates and family members who work day in and day out to educate themselves and make positive change.

There is hope in my students, who will be our future.

There is hope in the sacrifice and love and attempts and simply wanting to be better.

So yes, I sit here and I cry. I cry for the human race, for the people who reside within the borders of the country, for the huge divide. I question when (not if, never if) I will see a woman who reflects all I stand for in the White House, when will I see someone who represents a religious minority, a member of the Latin@ community, a member of the LBGTQ+ community? When will representation reflect the diversity of our population? When will we heal our Earth? When will pay be equal? When will masss incarnation end? When will differences bond not divide? So many wonderings. 

When will justice come? I question and doubt but I also know-

This is not over. We have only just begun. There is hope. 


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