broken free, they floated away.

i threw my hands in the air and my head back and tried to catch the colors as they fell.

each time, i thought they would blow right to me,

drown me in their glory.

the music beat inside my ears,

anchoring me.

but each time, i was wrong.

the wind blew them away and i can’t fight the air,

but still,

balanced on that platform

so blissfully floating

it didn’t matter.

because nothing hurt.

that is what i seek.



empty shelves

i was lying to myself

by no fault but my own.

we all do it,

so does that make it wrong?

lying about what? 

you beg to know.

about the fact that this doesn’t hurt.

it does.

but i swallow and hold back anyway

because then i can tell myself it doesn’t.

this lie, it seems to be the only way to move forward.


i feel like a child,

holding a vase in my hand.

i want to drop it.

i would grin as it shattered.

but here’s the truth of the world,

one even children know:

you can not break things that do not exist.

and that my love, leaves me feeling nothing but the pain of emptiness

when it comes to what was between us.

two by one

wet towels

green grass


tears, big and fat, blocking my vision

eyes cast down

so down one falls.

just one-if I let more out, I fear this broken soul will shatter.

here is my question: how do they do it?

if all the souls that are older than mine have felt half the pain I have-how do they still stand?

but yet I know: because amongst the pain there is often some sort of peace, a peace that comes with shedding what was

to become

something else

something new. 

na na na 

oh how right I was.

stopped at the light, 

red ahead,

your back to mine, your hair waving in the wind. 

I opened my mouth to call out one last goodbye-

and closed it again. 

I no longer feel the need for dramatic goodbyes. this one did not hurt. right now-and then and the last time we left each other too-I only feel joy.

I was right then, ten months ago, on those Panamanian streets:

you can not say goodbye to those you are so rooted in. what you shared threads you together. it removes the fear from my viens.

so I pushed off the ground, my red toes bright, and let you walk away.

we will both be alright until we met again.

this, now I know.


the sun was beating on my back

i could feel it in my bones.

isn’t it funny, i said, how it can be two years later and yet you’re still so bitter about something that happened?

i pulled the weed. i thought of the snake. the things about weeds is they hold more weight-

but this time, i held mine.

and even as i pulled, i did not fall.

for in the end, i must live with myself [just as you alone will live with you]

and i will stand on my own two feet.